King County Superior Court

Washington State legal matters

Our attorneys represent clients with cases in King County Superior Court. King County is the largest county, and superior court is the primary trial court in Washington.

Washington State legal matters

Our attorneys represent both local and out-of-state clients whose legal matters are under the jurisdiction of King County, Washington courts. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in trial and appellate courts in both state and federal systems.

Our Seattle office is located right near the King County courthouse. Due to the large number of cases our attorneys litigate before the King County Superior Court. We want to be your local ambassador and defender. Moreover, our litigators are licensed to practice in trial and appellate courts in both state and federal systems. We can take your case from trial all the way to the Supreme Court.

Location and Jurisdiction

Major cities within King County Superior Court’s jurisdiction include the following: Seattle, Bellevue, Federal Way, Issaquah, Kent, Redmond, Renton, and Seatac. Due the size of this jurisdiction, King County judges hear Superior Court cases at two locations. The main King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle is just blocks from our firm’s office. The court’s other location is the Maleng Regional Justice Center in the city of Kent.

The Case Assignment Areas

Seattle Area: all of King County north of Interstate 90 and including all of the I-90 right-of-way; all of the cities of Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Issaquah, and North Bend; and all of Vashon and Maury Islands.

Kent Area: all of King County south of I-90, except those areas included in the Seattle Case Assignment Area. This area includes cities such as Kent, Renton, and Federal Way.

Standards for Case Assignment

  • Civil cases are generally assigned to the area where a defendant (or respondent) resides. If no defendant/respondent lives in King County, the case is assigned to the area where a plaintiff (or petitioner) resides.
  • Cases involving personal injury or property damage are assigned to the area where the injury or damage occurred.
  • For appeals from Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, the case is assigned to the area in which the court of original jurisdiction is located.

The King County Superior Court is a court of general jurisdiction. It is the primary trial court for most matters that our attorneys handle. Washington State also has district courts, which are courts of limited jurisdiction. We encourage you to talk with an attorney to determine whether your case should be litigated before the King County District Court or King County Superior Court. Our attorneys also represents parties in federal court.

Benefits Hiring a Seattle Attorney

Even if you or your company have excellent lawyers that you already trust, you will need a local attorney. Under Washington law, corporations are required to appear through an attorney, and attorneys without a Washington license must work in association with a local attorney. If you have an out-of-state lawyer that you also want to remain involved, that lawyer may be eligible to be specially admitted for this one case pro hac vice.

An attorney based in King County can advise you on navigating the byzantine local rules and the application of Washington law. Although many local court rules are modeled after the widely known federal rules, key textual differences accentuated by case law mean that in some cases Washington diverges from the federal rules. Additionally, by focusing on litigation and practicing primarily in one county, our lawyers have insight into local personalities and unwritten customs.

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